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Beambles Mathematics Word Problems Primary Grade 3 Book 2 Singapore Math textbook Singapore
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Beambles Mathematics Word Problems For Third Grade / Grade 3 / Primary 3 Book 2 (Singapore Math) (Joseph D. Lee)

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This Singapore Math book for Grade 3 / Primary 3 will teach your child how to identify, recognise and solve the various types of math word problems based upon each math topic, using a rigorous, comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step and spiral approach.

Each chapter in this Singapore Math book is based upon a particular math topic and divided into many focused lessons so that your child will find it easier to learn, absorb, assimilate and master each specific type of math word problems. Together, these lessons break down the various types of math word problems based upon each math topic into easily digestible parts for your child. This will help them to understand each type of math word problems better and boost their confidence in solving math word problems.

This Singapore Math book will be an invaluable tool to pupils, teachers, tutors and parents alike. It is highly recommended for all Grade 3 / Primary 3 pupils.

Paperback: 220 pages

Answer key and worked solutions : Included

Language: Written in English

Suitable for: Grade 3 / Primary 3 (9-year-olds)

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Customer testimonials

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  • There is no other way to say it, I simply love these books. I bought them because I feel that my children's teachers are not doing enough to teach them in school. These books are the perfect complement to what they learn in school. There are so many examples and practice questions, and the solutions help me a lot to grade their work. Their grades have improved a lot and even their teachers are amazed at their improvements. They are also loving maths more! Felicia Ong

  • Thank you for the fast delivery and great customer service. The books arrived in perfect condition! Your books have been very useful to my child's learning and also helped to prepare him for his school tests and exams. Without your books, his test scores would not have improved so much because his school textbooks and workbooks are just too inadequate and lacking. Thank you again! Mark Wang

  • Your books are amazing. They are simply the best! The concepts and examples are very well presented and the practices are many and varied but not too much. My dear daughter loves math and she is having such a great time learning with your books. Thank you so much for making her learning journey so wonderful. And your customer service is prompt and excellent too. You deserve all the praise. I had already recommended your books to my friends. They will be buying from you soon! Jennifer Coffin

  • Dear Moving Gears, thank you for following up on my order. I had received it in good order. I am extremely impressed with your customer service throughout my shopping experience with you. Your books have been a godsend to us. My son who hates math is starting to like it because your books explain the difficult bar models and word problems so simply to him he gets it every time. My daughter enjoys doing math so much more than before and keeps asking me "Can we do more math?" I only wished I had found your website earlier. It would have certainly made my children's learning so much better and easier. Sandra Keith

  • Thank you so much for calling me to confirm my order details! I had ordered many times online before but this is the first time a store actually called me. I really appreciate that. Everything was great. The checkout process was easy, the order arrived on time without a problem and the books were very well packed. My son loves his new books and keeps wanting to do more. He's learning so much and enjoying it, and that's the best reward for a homeschool mum like me. Samantha

  • We are extremely happy with your products. They are very well organised with lots of clearly explained examples and meaningful exercises. We are using them to teach our students and we are very pleased with the results. We are pleased to recommend your products to your customers. You have my permission to post this on your website. David Blake

  • My son's teacher recommended your books. They look like very good books. They cover each topic very thoroughly and there are lots of exercises to keep my son busy. After using them for a few weeks, I can see great improvements in his school grades so I am very happy. I have recommended your store to my friends, so you should be getting more orders from them soon! Siti Aisyah

  • We had a tough time opening our package. Everything was bound so well! Needless to say, we received everything in perfect condition. My children love your books so much they want more! They are learning so much now than before. I was recommended by a friend to you and I am so thankful she did. Thank you Alicia! Felicity Chan

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