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Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy is part of our Terms Of Use.

30-day returns

You may return most products for a refund within 30 days of our delivery, that is, from the date that we shipped your order, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Non-returnable products

We do not accept returns of, nor issue refunds for, certain products (Non-Returnable Products), including:

  • Any product that is returned without your having opened the package and inspected its contents (that is, you did not even open the package)
  • Any product that is returned more than 30 days after shipping regardless of the shipping method that you choose and its shipping period
  • Any product that is not received by our office in its original brand new condition, or is damaged or missing parts, or has signs of use or misuse, or is not suitable for resale (We accept risk of loss and title for returned products only upon our receipt of the products. Please insure your returned products with your shipping agent so that you may claim compensation from them in case they are damaged during transit.)
  • Any product that is delivered to a Singapore address
  • Any product that is returned without fully paid postage
  • Any product that is returned without your original invoice (We do not accept copies of your original invoice.)
  • More than 1 copy of the same product
  • More than 50% of the total product cost from the same order or more than US$200 worth of products from the same order, whichever is lower
  • All delivery / mailing / shipping fees

Return of non-returnable products

If you return any Non-Returnable Products:

  • We will not accept their returns nor refund you. Our receipt of such products does not constitute our acceptance thereof.
  • You may request us to return the products to you at your own cost plus a US$20 handling charge. Otherwise, we will dispose of your products after 30 days of receipt.

Return of returnable products

If you return any products that are not Non-Returnable, please:

  • Notify us in advance so that we may assist you
  • Pack the products securely in a tough box of the right size
  • Use lots of tough packing materials to wrap and protect the products so that they do not move about within the box and can withstand rough abuse during transit
  • Include your original invoice (not copies) to ensure proper credit
  • Send them to:

Moving Gears Education Pte Ltd
2021 Bukit Batok Street 23 #02-206
Singapore 659526

Acceptance of returns

We will inform you in writing via email if we accept your returned products.

If we accept your returns:

  • We will refund you the price of the returned products less
    • a 20% restocking fee and
    • a 10% credit card processing fee if you had paid by credit card / debit card via WorldPay
  • Example of how your refund will be calculated if you had paid by bank:
    Price of returned product : US$ 20.00
    Less 20% restocking fee : US$ 4.00
    Refund : US$ 16.00
  • If you had ordered your returned product as part of a package (i.e. products containing the words "Package", which would also include "Comprehensive Package", etc.) or a promotion pack (i.e. products containing the words "Value Pack", which would also include "Extra Value Pack", etc.), the price of your returned product will be calculated as follows:
    • Price of returned product = Price of the package or promotion pack - Total a la carte price of all the products in the package or promotion pack that you are not returning
  • You may choose how you want to be refunded:
    • Receive a credit that you may use to offset any future purchase from us (There is no expiry date for such a credit.)
    • Receive a refund in US dollars payable to the credit card that was used in your order if you had paid for your order via credit card
    • Receive a refund in US dollars payable to the PayPal account that was used in your order if you had paid for your order via PayPal
  • You may also request us to return the products to you at your own cost plus a US$20 handling charge should you decide not to return the products after all.


If you have further questions regarding returning a product, please click on the "Contact us" link on our web pages.

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