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Creative Challengers Mathematics Challenging Word Problems Primary 2 A Singapore Math International
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Creative Challengers Mathematics Challenging Word Problems For Second Grade / Grade 2 / Primary 2 Book A (Singapore Math) (Joseph D. Lee)

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As more and more students excel in their mathematics tests and exams, maths teachers are increasingly resorting to setting more challenging maths word problems so as to separate the thoroughly prepared students from the more mathematically creative ones. In order for your child to excel in their maths tests and exams, you will need to equip them with the necessary skills to tackle challenging maths word problems. This Singapore Math book will challenge the creative learners to stretch their creativity in solving challenging word problems in maths, as well as help the less creative learners learn, develop and master creative problem solving skills in maths.

The maths word problems in this Singapore Math book are more challenging than what your child will typically encounter in school, so as to stimulate their creative thinking. They will invigorate the minds of the creative learners. The worked examples in this Singapore Math book are designed to help the less creative learners “see the light” on how to solve such challenging maths word problems and make them realise they can do it too.

This Singapore Math book will be a great companion and learning tool to both the creative learners and the less creative learners alike. It is thus highly recommended for all Second Grade / Primary 2 pupils.

Paperback: 156 pages

Answer key and worked solutions : Included

Language: Written in English for all editions

Suitable for: 2nd Grade / Primary 2 (8 year-olds)

Note: This book is available in multiple editions.

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Customer testimonials

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  • These are without a doubt the best math books I've found so far for my son. He's struggling with math at school and is weak in solving word problems. But after using these books, he's showing great improvements. It took him a while to learn the math models but now he's getting it. His teacher doesn't teach math models in their school and was surprised that he's drawing them. I had shared your books with her and other parents and hopefully they will also find them useful. Ashley Thomson

  • Dear Moving Gears, thank you for following up on my order. I had received it in good order. I am extremely impressed with your customer service throughout my shopping experience with you. Your books have been a godsend to us. My son who hates math is starting to like it because your books explain the difficult bar models and word problems so simply to him he gets it every time. My daughter enjoys doing math so much more than before and keeps asking me "Can we do more math?" I only wished I had found your website earlier. It would have certainly made my children's learning so much better and easier. Sandra Keith

  • Thank you! I had received our order much faster than expected. The books are fantastic! I love how the examples in the bar models books explain the bar models and how to use them to solve problem sums. I also love how the examples in the problem sums books explain how to solve different kinds of problem sums. My two sons are not very good at maths, so they need all the help they can get. Our education system is so competitive and stressful nowadays that anything short of a perfect score will disadvantage them so early in life, which I think is not fair. These books will give them lots of practice and I can already see they are improving greatly. I am just so happy I bought them! Catherine Yeo

  • I bought the Bar Model Primary One Book 1 and 2 for my child. They break down the steps and help my child understand how to use the bar model to solve Math problem. Math is no longer such a struggle for him I am very happy with the books and am buying the Primary 2 series. I hope Beambles continue to develop books like these for the upper primary too! Jean G.

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