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Beambles Mathematics Heuristics Pre Kindergarten Book 3 Singapore Math textbook International
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Beambles Mathematics Heuristics For Pre-Kindergarten / Nursery Book 3 (Singapore Math) (Joseph D. Lee)

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This Singapore Math book for pre-kindergarten will teach your child how to master and apply the various math problem-solving heuristics to solve challenging non-routine math problems, using a rigorous, comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step and spiral approach.

Each chapter in this Singapore Math book is based upon a particular math topic and divided into many focused lessons so that your child will find it easier to learn, absorb, assimilate and master each specific math problem-solving heuristic to solve different types of challenging non-routine math problems. Together, these lessons break down the different types of challenging non-routine math problems and math problem-solving heuristics based upon each math topic into easily digestible parts for your child. This will help them to understand each specific math problem-solving heuristic better and boost their confidence in solving challenging non-routine math problems.

This Singapore Math book will be an invaluable tool to pupils, teachers, tutors and parents alike. It is highly recommended for all Pre-Kindergarten pupils.

Paperback: 91 pages

Answer key and worked solutions : Included

Language: Written in English

Suitable for: Pre-Kindergarten / Nursery

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  • Hi, thank you so much for your fast delivery and great service. My son was very excited when he saw the books. He enjoys math so much these days he wants to do math every day! I'm so happy he's learning so much in such a short time. I am very impressed how he has learnt how to solve math IQ puzzles and very challenging word problems using heuristics. I was actually quite concerned he couldn't do it because your math books seem to cover so much more for children his age. But your books prove me wrong and he's doing great! He's still learning to read and your books have proved to be great at helping him learn new words too. It is sure that we will be continuing his math education with your books in the coming years. Susan Mcdonough

  • Thank you for the speedy delivery and the great follow-up. The order had been well received. The materials are of unsurpassed quality and trounce all other available materials on the market. They will give our students a firm foundation in math and a great head start on their peers. The students are responding very well to the materials and we are very pleased. Kelvin Goh

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