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Beambles Mathematics IQ Boosters Kindergarten Book 1 Singapore Math International
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Beambles Mathematics IQ Boosters For Kindergarten / Preschool Book 1 (Singapore Math) (Joseph D. Lee)

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This Singapore Math book will teach your child how to apply the various fundamental mathematical concepts and skills that they had acquired in each mathematics topic to solving a wide variety of mathematics IQ puzzles using a rigorous, comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step and spiral approach.

Each chapter in this Singapore Math book is based upon a particular mathematics topic and divided into many focused exercises so that your child will find it easier to learn, absorb, assimilate and master the skills necessary to solving each type of mathematics IQ puzzles. Together, these exercises break down the various types of mathematical IQ puzzles based upon each mathematics topic into easily digestible bits for your child. This will help them to understand each type of mathematics IQ puzzles better and boost their confidence in solving mathematics IQ puzzles.

This Singapore Math book will be an invaluable tool to pupils, teachers, tutors and parents alike. It is highly recommended for all Kindergarten pupils.

Paperback: 95 pages

Answer key and worked solutions : Included

Language: Written in English

Suitable for: Kindergarten / Preschool

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Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • As an overseas Singaporean homeschooling my son, your books have been a blessing to us. We have only just started using them for a week but he enjoys learning math with your books so much he can't wait to do math every time. The wide variety of math questions challenge him and really engage him a lot. I was educated in Singapore before we moved over to USA but I had never come across the math questions in some of your math books when I was in kindergarten or even primary school such as heuristics and IQ questions. They really inspire not only my son to think creatively but me too! No wonder Singapore is number one in math in the world and it makes me feel so proud as a Singaporean. So please keep it up! Dennis T.

  • I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with your products. They far exceeded my expectations and are many times more superior to the US ones. Each book has a purpose. The examples are very well illustrated, and the practice questions are very structured. As a homeschool parent and former teacher, your books are just what I need. I had spent countless hours researching for the best math materials for my son and your books make all those hours worth it. He loves your math books a lot. I can now understand why Singapore students excel in math. I will return next year for more books. You have earned a new loyal customer. Elise B.

  • Your books are amazing! A friend of mine who is also your customer recommended them to me when I was over at her place. When she told me her two kids were enjoying their math lessons with your books and doing so much better than the US math books she had, I knew I had to get them for my dear daughter. She's enjoying her math lessons now and she's so proud she can solve them she even challenges her friends to solve them when they come over! I am so happy with the results and I'm going to get your other math books for her too! Jennifer Smith

  • I like how the books are arranged topic by topic and teach everything step by step. That is very helpful to busy parents like me. I love maths and I like the approach used in these books. Simple concepts are introduced and then progress to the more difficult ones. This helps my daughter's learning and she is enjoying it. We especially enjoy the IQ maths books. It is amazing how she is improving her IQ while she is learning maths. I will be getting the other books on your site as she is learning so fast. Thank you so much for making maths so enjoyable for my daughter. Linda Liu

  • Thank you so much for the quickly delivery and for producing such high quality math books! Your books have set the standard that I have now come to expect for educating my children. My twins fought over your books as soon we opened the box and they were never that excited about math before! They especially enjoy the challenging questions and puzzles and they compete every time to see who can solve them first. Math is now a fun time in our home and no longer a boring time. I ordered only one set of the books to see if my sons like them, so I had just ordered another set. Cynthia Yu

  • I shop online often and this is by far easily my best online shopping experience! Your customer service is superb and my order arrived much faster than promised. Everything was in great condition especially considering that they have traveled half way round the world. My son was so excited when we opened the box he couldn't wait to flip through all the books and wants to start doing them immediately! He loves your math books so much he even brings some when we travel. I'm so happy with your books I've recommended them to my friends and I'm getting more! Margaret Stone

  • We had received our order and we are very, very happy with them. My daughter who just could not understand maths finally gets it! Now she can't get enough of maths and forces me to teach her maths even though it's the summer holidays. Your books have truly made a difference in our family. I'll be ordering more from you soon. Rachel Lu

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